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Personal Choice-Making Journal

It Helps to Write Things Down


The process of writing in a personal journal can be very helpful in clarifying your thinking as you work to make an important choice. It can help you describe the options you may have. It can also provide a great place for you to "go and think" as you formulate ideas about what you want to accomplish. It gives you a place to keep a record of the important choices you make and the results you then achieve.

Three Journals in One

Our journal is organized into three sections:


Section One


(Choice Planning)


Section Two


(Record Important Choices and the Progress You Make)


Section Three


(Other Notes and Information You Want to Retain)

A Great Way to Develop Your Thinking


Writing It Down Helps You Think

When making an important choice, it is helpful to write about it in your journal including the circumstances involved, the choice alternatives you may have, and your thoughts about them. You can re-visit your notes and update as needed as you work your way through the decision process.

A Journal Is a Great Place to Track Progress

Your personal journal provides you with an effective way to record To-Do's and reminders…especially when they pertain to an important choice. Your journal provides a confidential place to record and track your progress once an important choice has been made.

Using Your Journal

After enrolling you can access your journal by clicking on your name in the heading and selecting the desired journal section. You can select font size, bold emphasis, and other spacing options at the top of each journal page. To save your entries, just click on the save button at the bottom of the journal page before you exit your journal.

Tracking Progress Builds Confidence


Using a personal journal can build your confidence in making good choices. It provides you with a place to:


Describe the circumstances you want to address,

Make notes concerning the choice alternatives you are considering,

Write down your actual choice when you make it, and

Record the progress you make relative to that choice over time.


This writing, reviewing, and progress tracking can reinforce your confidence in your ability to evaluate various circumstances and make good, wise, and helpful choices relative to them.

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